Visual Science Company provides services on visualization and graphic design for presentations of scientific data for medical, biotech, pharmaceutical and nanotechnology companies, as well as for academic, educational institutions, publishers and advertising agencies.

Correct and accurate medicine, biology, pharmaceutical science and nanotechnology information. We provide wide range of products: from scientific illustrations for popular magazines and advertising to complex 3D anatomic models, plastic models of various medical and biological objects, animation, molecular visualization, professional illustrations for academic books and specialized magazines covers.

We provide full service from illustrations preparation and animations to ultimate presentations, journal covers, posters, manuals, page make-up and printing of professional catalogues and booklets.

Among our customers: The Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (RUSNANO), Garland Science Publishing (UK), Independent Media, Hemopharm USA Corporation, “RIA novosti” news agency, RSC publishing (Royal Society of Chemistry, UK), Moscow State University and Russian Academy of Sciences laboratories.

Visual Science was established in 2007.

We provide various design services for science, medicine, pharmaceutics, nanotechnology, chemistry, biotechnology, and biology.
Visual Science Company is specialized to work with medical, biotechnical, pharmaceutical and nanotechnology companies, scientific institutes, laboratories, educational institutions, publishing and advertising agencies.

The products of the company range from popular science illustrations for magazines and advertising materials to complex anatomical 3D models, plastic models of medical and biological objects, molecular visualization, and animation.
Visual Science Company is proud to present you self-developed technologies which help to provide equal or even higher level of quality than companies of the same profile in the US and the EU.

The common trait of all our projects is a close cooperation between computer graphics specialists and consultants who hold a PhD or a Doctoral degree.

This scheme allows to solve complex technical problems and prevent mistakes. Top management and the majority of workers succeed in higher education and continue their scientific work.

We work with rigorous accuracy on every task of our clients; we propose various solutions to every problem.
The only thing left for clients to do is choose.

At the moment we are pleased to be partners of Russian and International Companies:

The Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (RUSNANO)
Biotech and Pharma Companies: including Hemopharm USA Corporation and Masterpharm
Journals of “Gameland” Publishers
News portal Lenta.ru
“RIA novosti”, news agency
Russian online-journal on nanotechnologies NanoNewsNet.ru
RSC publishing (Royal Society of Chemistry, UK)
“Afisha Industries” Publishers
Moscow State University and Russian Academy of Sciences laboratories

Phone number: +7 495 514 91 42

E-mail: mailbox@vsci.us

Visual Science: 29 Pokrovka str., Moscow, Russia, 105062.


Visual Science Company produces three-dimensional plastic models of proteins and other molecules virtually of all sizes and all formats (ball and stick, alpha carbon backbone, space-filled, surface and their combination), one or more copies.
Models, created in this manner are physically precise, as they are built according to the X-ray data.

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Models produced of special polymer are physically precise since they are fabricated on the basis of X-ray crystallography data.
Moreover, our specialists are ready to develop medical and biological objects models or research equipment, to create their scaled 3D copies, that you can hold in your hands!

Plastic models can serve as an unusual present, office or medical center design decoration, or as an educational item in biotech company or research lab.
The price of plastic models depends of its size and model complexity. Average cost per cubic cm — 2 USD.

Pure Quartz Concentrates


“Today the market for quartz products of high purity and goods from their processing is among the world’s most promising. Unimin, an American company, is the dominant business in this field. Russia lacks its own production of sufficiently pure quartz goods, obliging domestic consumers to purchase the materials from foreign producers.

Development of the Russian lighting engineering industry and production of a wide variety of solar batteries (in part, as a result of projects that RUSNANO supports) will bring about significant growth in the market for pure quartz concentrates consumed as raw material for preparing quartz crucibles in which electronic and solar single-crystal silicon are grown.

As part of the new project, the project company will master manufacturing of quartz micro- and nanopowder and pure quartz concentrates. Quartz nanopowders, with particle size of less than 100 nanometers, have wide application in microelectronics and in construction and exploitation of oil and gas wells. Quartz micropowder, a cleaned product of pulverized natural quartz with particle size of less than 100 microns, is used as a filling medium during production of integrated circuits. Pure quartz concentrates are used in alternative energy, lighting engineering, semiconductors, and optics and fiber-optics”.

Based on RUSNANO (Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies) press-release.